One of the amazing place in Georgia
Vardzia - the monastery dating back to the twelfth century AD, located on the banks of the river Mtkvari, is one of the most outstanding sights of Georgia. Similar to the cave towns that can be found in Goreme region, Turkey, however this one is even bigger, this unique cave city, carved into the steep wall of the mountain Erusheti at an altitude of 1300 meters, with beautifully decorated church. The location, in the middle of a huge gorge, offers unforgettable views. Until this day, some monks still live in those caves.
The site is really incredible and not overcrowded as few people in the West even know that there is such a country as Georgia. So, visit it now, before it gets too touristy and expensive. Now, you still can freely walk through all the corridors carved out of the rocks almost a thousand years ago.

Visiting Vardzia
 While visiting Vardzia you will be impressed by the nature around. Cliffs, canyons and gorges make the site really beautiful for the eye. On the way to Vardzia you will encounter many small picturesque villages that match the surroundings perfectly.
From Tbilisi, it's impossible to do a one day trip to Vardzia using public transport. There are some buses, however, the ride will take more than 5 hours. The best thing to do is to travel from Bakurjani, a nice spa-town or a village of Akhaltsikhe. It's easy to get from Tbilisi to Bakurjani by marshrutka. There are some marshrutkas to Vardzia in Akhaltsikhe that depart in the morning and come back.
The site of Vardzia was inhabited since the ancient times, and cave towns in the region date back to as early as the fifth century BC. One of them is Uplistsikhe , a must see besides Vardzia. Cave Monastery City of Vardzia was carved in the twelfth century during the Georgian Golden Age.
The name of the cite comes from, according to the legend, a conversation between Tamar (who is depicted in the church of the Dormition) and Giorgi, his niece, when he was looking for her after she had gotten lost in the maze of the tunnels. She replied when called: "I'm here" ("Ac var dzia" in Georgian). And "Var dzia" became the name.
The monastery is made of numerous tunnels connecting houses and other rooms with the beautifully painted, well preserved church of Dormition and other smaller chapels.


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